Publication Possibilities

All accepted abstracts will be published by IJOPEC as an e-book with ISBN before the conference.

Also, selected papers will be published in three to four edited international e-books* by IJOPEC Publication** (http://ijopec.co.uk/) with ISBN free of charge. In addition, selected papers will be published in peer-reviewed journals such as  Bulletin of Political Economy (http://www.serialsjournals.com/journal-detail.php?journals_id=11),  World Journal of Applied Economics (http://journal.econworld.org/index.php/econworld), International Journal of Productivity Management and Assessment Technologies (https://www.igi-global.com/journal/international-journal-productivity-management-assessment/45937) and Çalışma ve Toplum, after the conference.

Authors must submit the revised version of their papers by the specified deadline. Please note that IJOPEC will be under no commitment to publish all presented papers in the edited books. Articles must be written in English and proofread before submission. All articles submitted should be in accordance with the main themes of ICOPEC 2018. Also, the journals mentioned above will be under no commitment to publish all the articles. The authors should follow the submission guidelines of the journals, which can be found on the journals’ web pages.

* Participants of ICOPEC will have a privilege to publish their revised and peer-reviewed papers as international e-book chapters free of charge in December 2018 by IJOPEC Publication, provided that the papers satisfy the referees.

** IJOPEC Publication e-books confirm the Turkish Higher Education Council requirements for the International books and satisfy the associate professorship criteria. They can also be used for the incentive schemes.

The calendar will be as follows:

The deadline to submit your manuscript for Proceeding e-Book is 20th of August 2018.

Abstracts should be submitted at http://www.icopec.org/icopec2018/submission-form.html and manuscripts sent to bilgi@icopec.org

FOR FULL PAPERS YOU CAN REACH THE AUTHOR GUIDELINES AT  www.icopec.org/icopec2018/Author-Guidlines.html