1. Political Powers and the Choice of Political Economy
  2. Economic Models of Political Processes
  3. Marxism and Political Economy
  4. Government, Economic Policies, and International Institutions
  5. New Economic Policies
  6. Political Economy of Financial Institutions
  7. Rising Inequality and Politics of Redistribution
  8. From Keynes, Friedman, Solow etc. to Neoliberal Policy
  9. New Actors and Changes in Economic Policies
  10. New Social Movements, Inequality and the Role of Economic Policies
  11. The Economics of Globalization: Winners and Losers
  12. Economic Approaches to Social Movements and New Actors of Economy
  13. Financial Crises and Macroeconomics Policies
  14. New Myths, New Actors and New Balances in Economic Policy and Growth
  15. Economics of Social Movements in the Age of Crisis and Globalization
  16. Economic Consequences of Social Movements
  17. New Rules of Financial Architecture and Public Debt
  18. Changes in Political Arena and Crises
  19. New Cures for Crises
  20. Social Memory; Protest Movements Making a Difference from Past to Today
  21. Right of Peaceful Action and Theory of Civil Disobedience
  22. Democracy and Right of Social Action
  23. Middle East and Arabic World Protests
  24. Government Policies of  the 21st Century
  25. Individualism versus Collectivism; Collective Actions in Neoliberal Era
  26. New Types of Social Movements; Organising through Technology, Social Media, Music and Art
  27. Identity/Class Politics and Social Movements
  28. Social Movements and Expectations from Future
  29. Roles of NGOs in Social Movements
  30. Social Transformation and Resistance Movements
  31. Roles of Work Force in Social Movements
  32. Urban Social Movements in the face of Urban Renewal
  33. Social Movements on the axis of Environment/Green Movement/Ecology
  34. Class Politics and Social Movements
  35. LGBT Movements
  36. Transnational Activism/Digital Activism
  37. Austerity Policies, Crisis/Unemployment and Urban Movements
  38. Social Movements based on Gender and Identity
  39.  Social Movements and Social Transformation
  40. Ideology and Social Movements
  41. Civil Society Discourse of New Right and Trade Unions
  42. Class and Social Movements
  43. New Citizen Movements and Social Movements
  44. New Social Movements-Country Cases
  45. Social Movement Trade Unionism
  46. Anti-Poverty Social Movements
  47. Unemployed Movements
  48. Working Women Movements
  49. Opportunities and Limitations for New Social Movements